Moving from Conditioning to Strength


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Here we go!! We’re going to utilize a very concentrated effort over the next couple of months to improve not only your strength but also anaerobic capacity. Now that we’ve pushed though an amazing conditioning phase its time to get back into a strength cycle. This strength cycle will be broken into 3, 4-week cycles, each with a different emphasis: Base, Growth, Power.

As we establish your base for strength, think of it as reconditioning your body for heavier loads in the coming weeks. We’ll be using gross lifts such as deadlifts, squats, and presses in conjunction with gymnastics and explosive movements. The goal through this first phase is to not only reconfigure your system for going heavy, but also increasing motor unit recruitment through compound movements to assist later on with your Olympic lifting development. For example, the heavier you are able to deadlift, the more comfortable you’ll be pulling a clean quickly though the first and second pull. Furthermore, the stronger your front and overhead squats become, the better you’ll be at receiving the loads you land with in your clean and snatch.

That being said, we’ve spent so much time over the last couple months improving your ability to control your body in space, now its time to put all that skill work into practice. Look forward to skill and gymnastics work to be worked into your strength progressions along the way.

In our growth phase, we’ll manipulate the sets and repetitions to strength and size. Ladies don’t be scared, you won’t turn into the incredible hulk. Most of you have been with us long enough to know that it takes much more than touching a barbell or two to become Mrs. Olympia. We train like athletes, so that we can perform like athletes. Somewhere along the way, we may just become stronger and healthier as well. In this phase, gymnastics and skill progressions will be reintroduced to drive home the basics improve coordination through movements in their entirety.

Lastly, our Power cycle will focus on moving loads quickly. Not only will there be critical development in Olympic lifting, but just like our gymnastics, these movements will be broken down and compartmentalized, then executed as fast as possible. Just a simple example would be pausing at the bottom of a front squat and driving out of the bottom with a load roughly 50-60% of your max clean. The point of our power cycle is to improve force and velocity by speeding up your rate of force development. Not only will we dismantle your Olympic lifts, but we’ll also rebuild them so they are better than before.

As far as WODs are concerned, expect them to quick and fast. They’ll be orchestrated so that you’re able to push your engine to its limits, but also increase your lactate threshold. This adaptation will allow you, over time, to push harder prior to “redlining” during a workout. This, is why we precede strength with a conditioning phase, so your body is able to use oxygen more efficiently in working tissues, especially when the INTENSITY and TIME components limit its availability. For those of you interested in competing in the coming months, this is your preparation! For those of you who have no interest in competing with anyone but yourself and the clock, expect to finally hit Benchmark WODs as prescribed or scale less as the weeks go by. Either way, expect IMPROVEMENT and RESULTS!


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