When You’re Ready to Coach – Part 5/5


When You’re Passion for Helping Others Attain Their Goals Outweighs Inherent Celebrity

I’ve asked all my apprentices this simple question, “What is it that drives you? A passion for helping people get somewhere they can’t get on their own, or the inherent celebrity that comes with this job?”

I wouldn’t say that one is more “right” than the other, there are plenty of people out there killing it as fitness professionals that are only in the game to create a big name for themselves. However, it has been my experience that the folks who truly make it, and create a lasting impact on their clients are the ones who are in the game to see the greatness in others come to fruition.

The selfLESSness of helping someone push towards something that seems unachievable alone, creating a confidence that wasn’t there before, or simply shifting the boarders of what is comfortable further than they were originally were, these are the experiences that get the great ones up in the morning and keep them going. This passion promotes longevity and a lasting reputation that is held in a kind light for all who speak of your name and of your body of work as the years go on.

When it becomes less about you, your bank account, or the perks you get with this job, and ore about bringing out the best in people, seeing them break barriers and live life on a higher plain, then you’ve arrived. Now you’re ready to coach! Enjoy the journey. It’s not about you, it’s about your people. True greatness comes in the service of others – RAISE YOUR STANDARD!

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