When You’re Ready To Coach – Part 4/5


When You Can Explain 1 Thing, 15 Different Ways

There truly is an art to it all. One of the most fascinating things about this job is all the people you get to meet and all the walks of life from which they come. That is also the rub.

Folks from here, there, and everywhere also have a wide variety of learning styles. Your coaching styles, tones, and methods must reflect that variety in order to be effective.

We must be versatile enough in how we cue the points of emphasis we continually attempt to instill in our athletes must be conveyed in 100 different ways.

–          “Squeeze the bar through the knees”

–          “Activate your glutes”

–          “Pull with your hamstrings”

–          “Big Chest, Flat Back”

–          “Keep the weight in your heels”

–          “STAND UP!”

All ways to ensure someone simply stands up straight with a Deadlift. Just imagine the ingenuity it takes for someone to get a clean who doesn’t understand “First Pull, Second Pull, Third Pull” mechanics in Olympic lifting…

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