When You’re Ready To Coach – Part 3/5

When You Develop the Confidence to Openly Admit You DO NOT Know Everything

Chances are you know more than most. That’s why this particular blog interests you at all. But the one thing I can guarantee, you don’t know everything.

We fall short as coaches when we stop learning. There is the way we did things when we were coached, and there is probably a much different and more effective way to do it now. CrossFit methodology in its multi-modality unified approach is a far cry from the way things were done in world of fitness just 10 years ago.


I don’t come from gymnastics, and while I was fortunate and athletic enough to watch someone do a muscle up, and then go do it myself, SOMEONE STILL HAD TO TEACH ME HOW TO TEACH IT.

It’s a little more technical than just, “hang there, pull up, and press out.” God forbid someone doesn’t get it on their first try, where do you go from there? As a coach, there is something to be said for continuing education. Do you have to go back to school, no. But be comfortable enough in your own skin to learn from other coaches. Watch what they do, and how they do it. Keep the stuff you like and find useful and ignore the rest.

There is absolutely nothing new in the world of working out. Pulls, presses, running, jumping, swimming, aerobics have all been around forever. The trick is finding the best way to deliver this information that brings about the best results. And you don’t figure that out by staying within the confines of your own skull.

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