Why I Chose CrossFit – A Coach’s Perspective

1. Intensity

– CrossFit brought the INTENSITY of the collegiate weight room and granted access to those who never got that experience. There is different feeling when the perfect storm of accountability and competition come together. It has been nothing short of amazing to see the animal that comes out of people when there are 5-10 people pushing through the same struggle at the same time. For the Type A’s in the box it feeds the beast and they all want to come in first. For the introverts, it brings out a side of them they may or may not even know they have.

Image2. When the Coaching is Good, ITS REALLY GOOD

– In an industry plagued with weekend conferences that allow people to call themselves subject matter experts, coaches from box to box, through the innovations of social media and round tables have been able to critique, constructively criticize, and call out the pretenders in the industry. Not only that, for the members that habitually visit other boxes, coaching techniques and cues are brought back, shared, and taught – thus improving the quality of the product delivered to the members as a whole. Most importantly though, if you’re fortunate enough to be in a box with a truly credentialed and experienced staff, you as member have the advantage of spotting bad coaching/programming and are now equipped to make an intelligent consumer decision.


– CrossFit unlike any other fitness revolution in history, has shifted the public paradigm of what fitness is, and where women fit. Women now have an appreciation for performance AND aesthetics that didn’t exist a decade ago. Hell, The United States Marine Corps didn’t dare attempt raise the physical fitness standard of women until after CrossFit became a mainstay in the American fitness continuum. Whether that is a fact or not, I don’t know, but I feel it is more than coincidence. For a woman to do a pull up a decade ago was a fantasy for most and an ability reserved for gymnasts and elite athletes. To see women embrace their shape, their musculature, and ditch the scale and acknowledge what is really important, body composition and the improvement of performance in countless measure has been revolutionary. Women’s idea of beauty as shifted from one of skinny to one of strength, truly embracing the saying, “Strong is Sexy” thanks to CrossFit.


4. Awareness

– The sheer perception of fitness has shifted dramatically in the American landscape. It is no longer good enough to be healthy enough to wake up each morning without fear of coronary event. People now see the possibilities of human capacity. There is no substitute for the dedicated training put into becoming and professional athlete of any kind, even the tops in the world in CrossFit. However, people worldwide are awakening to the excitement of what they will accomplish at their box each and everyday. The difficulty, complexity, and technicality of each movement and WOD has been embraced. Members worldwide take on the challenges presented at their respective boxes with a smile and yearn to learn more and get better when they leave covered in sweat, all an effort to smash their last personal record or erase a slower previous time. CrossFitters are AWAKE and have been exposed to what they can accomplish and how much they can actually improve in the sport of life: all the while watching these improvements crossover into their performance of activities of daily living or recreational sports.



– Most importantly, like nothing I’ve experienced outside of football or the Marine Corps, CrossFitters know stuff and use language that only other CrossFitters know. The “Comradery Through Shared Adversity” is taken to heart, as everyone in this crazy community knows what “Fran” is. Everyone wants to get their first muscle up. Everyone has lied in disbelief as how hard a particular WOD was. Everyone talks down on “Cherrypickers” while at some point cherry picking themselves. Everyone has asked someone they barely know, “Where were you the other day?” when the normal cast of characters isn’t complete in a certain class. Each and every CrossFitter reps their box and feels their box is the best on the block. Its home, and no one is permitted to tread on their turf. Yet, at the end of the day, these families come together for the greater good and rally to support one another: Kevin Ogar.

ImageAt the end of the day, it CrossFit has created an environment where intensity is mandated, good coaching is expected and appreciated, women are empowered, awareness has been raised, and a community has been fostered to a familial standard. These and so many more aspects of this crazy love for fitness and performance are why I fell in love with CrossFit.

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