The Truth About Your Goals

Why do we concern ourselves with EVERYTHING when the answers we seek are in the details?

Your approach fitness the same way you answer this question, “How do you eat an elephant?” – One bite at a time!
As corny as it sounds, as cliche’ as it may be, it’s true. Fitness becomes overwhelming because we make it that way.

A few questions you should ask yourself:
– Are my goals really MY goals?
– Is my lifestyle in line with those goals?
– What purpose do my goals serve (motivation, accountability, competition, etc…)?

What I’ve noticed about people overall in my years as a coach and personal trainer is that often times their goals are not really their own. They are really the product of external influences (magazine covers, friends, family, careers) and there really is no OWNERSHIP of the process. This is why people really fail. The second reason being that their process, doesn’t really match the results. But I’ll touch on that in a minute. It isn’t the diet, it isn’t the program, it isn’t supplements that failed you. Your misplaced motivation is what drives you to fail. Its what makes you get in shape and fall off the wagon 3 months into the new year. Its what allows you to hammer the gas for a few weeks or a couple months if you’re lucky and then stall out because there is no more fuel in the tank. This misplaced motivation, is a falsehood that allows you get started but fails to keep you going. Why, because its a fire burning outside, subject to be put out by a harsh gust of wind, a torrential downpour, or sand being dumped over it. All this is a metaphor for all the “I can’ts” “You can’ts” and utter lack of belief that stops us dead in our tracks.

I had a discussion with a member of mine and the question came up, “Why are you here?” Why do you put yourself through the exhaustion, the burning muscles, and lack of breath by the time workout is over, only to do it all over again the next day. WHAT IS YOUR REAL MOTIVATION? His honest answer, “I want to drink a beer and have a cheeseburger and not worry about it.” This is a guy that never wants to compete, never wants to get on stage, never wants to be south of 6% body fat. He just wants to be the best he can be within the confines of what HE DEFINES as a happy life. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. To be honest with yourself, that’s where you need to start. Because when the fire comes from within, there is nothing that can put it out. NOTHING!! Because he doesn’t want to go to the CrossFit Games or get on stage in the 2014 Mr. O, does that make him lazy or complacent? No, not at all. It makes him happy. Because his goals are HIS. He owns his process. And guess what, he’s happier for it and continues to make progress as he moves forward in his journey of fitness.

That is where the rest of us can take a lesson from this guy. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all about striving for that six pack and setting benchmarks like a 500 pound deadlift and 4.5 40yd dash. Clean eating and quality fitness regimen will take you a long way, there is no denying that. I’m not telling anyone to downplay anything they are striving for. All I am saying is that you should take a step back and really look at what you’re putting into the process. If you look at the training regimens of the top athletes in the world in their given sports, are you putting in anywhere near the time, are you committed to your nutrition anywhere close to the way they eat? If the answer is no, and more than likely it is, then how can you be upset or stop pushing for achievement because you came up short? To be realistic, is not synonymous with being pessimistic.

Really look at what you want out of life. What is fitness to you? What are you willing to put into the process? Is that drive for progress internal, or is it a passing trend because of some set of unrealistic external influences? The former is the main ingredient in success and lasting results. Take ownership of your process. Once you do that, fitness will stop becoming a chore. The ebbs and flows of progress, the setbacks, will become few and far between. Whatever you medium, be it CrossFit, bodybuilding, spin, recreational sports, or simply putting miles in with your headphones in, it will become an enjoyable PROCESS and the results will be EVERLASTING. At the end of the day, that’s what we all want. Results with a process that we enjoy. While the struggle is inevitable, when you own it, that struggle becomes an enjoyable one and you’ll see the process through to the end.

If you take nothing from this blog, remember this. Take ownership of YOUR PROCESS. You set your own finish line and don’t stop running until you get there. The journey is what makes the destination worth it.

– Derz


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